In the construction industry, we know you have a vast range of options to choose from, when you purchase building material. However, what we are offering, is unique. Progress does not require regression and warranties provided on constructs should not have to cost a construction company more than the actual building project itself. To help you repair existing infrastructure or redefine & reinforce future constructs we are making a unique offering. With NANOARC's high-performance nanoadditives, you have an unprecedented opportunity to experience the previously untapped benefits of quantum-phase nanotechnology, in construction material enhancement.


The strength of every construction system, resides in the quality of the materials used to build it. The most important reactions between materials, occur at atomic scale. The closer your solution-providing materials are to that scale, the more effective they are, at tackling issues such as corrosion, bacteria- and fungi-induced degradation, microscopic fracture, shear strength, etc. 

This is where nanotechnology becomes essential. However, not all systems classified as nanomaterials are efficient enough to deliver the desired functionality. In the world of nanotechnology, there are different classes of nanomaterials: 

Quantum effects are factors determined by nature, and vary from material to material, depending on the fundamental size of the constituent atoms and how they interact via their arrangement in a crystal (i.e. atomic architecture). 

Quantum effects, are the essence of nanotechnology, offering new unconventional properties, that distinguish such nanomaterials, from regular ones. These quantum effects, coupled with the increased surface area of small particles (typically < 20 nm), make it possible for such materials to be used in very minute quantities, to enable significant enhancements in construction material performance, durability and longevity in performance, thus minimising the need for infrastructure renovation. 


NANOARC's Construction Division designs, manufactures and independently supplies atomically- or nano-architectured quantum materials, that seamlessly boost the performance of construction materials they are incorporated in, when used as nanoadditives. 

Our solutions are designed to confer longterm cost-effective durability and minimise maintenance costs and save our clients huge expenses that come from short-term cheap construction material failure.

The nanoadditives are sold as powders, which can be mixed into any existing construction material system e.g. cement (portland cement, GGBS, fly ash, pumice, metakaolin and other clays), concrete, ceramics, rammed earth, paint and other coatings for systems such as wood and reinforcement bars.

We continuously endeavour to push the envelope of our deliverables, in order to support industrial material performance and academic research challenges.


The high performance at low volume of our quantum materials makes their transportation logistically simpler, for expedited shipment to construction sites, where needed, anywhere in the world. 

The quantities used, can be as small as a few hundreds of milligrams to grams of quantum material, for every tonne of construction material. Yes, that small. So a construction project requiring 1000 tonnes of say concrete, will only need about 1kg (2.2 lbs) of quantum material or less, depending on the designated application. Such low volume quantities can be sent by express courier (if desired) within 3 - 5 days, to destinations as far as New Zealand.

Purchase of our quantum materials, is exclusively on our website.