NANOARCs' CONSULTANCY Division, provides services with knowledge built on the foundation of 2 decades of versatile experience in the nanotechnology domain.

With substantial knowledge in atomically-architectured nanomaterial design and manufacture, we are flexibly positioned to provide both strategic counsel on how to improve your products or processes and also, develop the designated nanomaterial systems you need to attain your goals.

Whether you're expanding your portfolio, looking to add a touch of ingenuity to your existing product(s) or just simply need support in your R&D effort, we can help.


We are your guiding compass in the exploration and understanding of how to connect the essential dots, see the fine details that are easily overlooked and yield unprecedented results from the vast benefits only available in the world of nanotechnology and more specifically, quantum materials.

Being academics who transitioned into industry, we have our feet in both worlds :

We help academic researchers understand how to advance basic research into industrial practial solutions and subsequently, we guide industrial clients in understanding what the distinct classes of nanomaterials are and how to adopt them efficiently and cost-effectively gain a competitive edge.


From understanding your technical challenges, this can proceed via providing alternative strategies for your product development and/or integration of nanomaterial solutions developed by our team, to blend seamlessly with your existing platforms, while coherently lowering production costs.

Effectively, we shorten your learning curve, help you become more sustianable by circumventing toxic material choices that may be standard in the industry and replace them with with safer and more superior performing systems, that we supply or (custom) manufacture for you, upon request.

In a nutshell, with our consultancy services, you are well poised to grow competitively and stay ahead of the curve.