C O N S T R U C T I O N M A T E R I A L R E I N F O R C E M E N T & R E P A I R

Nanotechnology takes construction material performance to levels beyond contemporary cement and concrete systems. The construction industry currently relies on silica fume for concrete performance improvement. Silica fume typically has blaine values of 15,000 - 30,000 cm2/g.

QuantCrete is developed using NANOARC's proprietary nanomaterial design and manufacturing process, to achieve much higher blaine values than silica fume, negating the need for any grinding processes. Our blaine values range from 359,300 to 703,000 cm2/g for the substantial enhancement of cement and concrete systems.

NANOARC's QuantCrete nano-admixtures are non-toxic and take construction material performance to the next level.

At such high blaine values, our nanoadditives are very reactive for accelerated curing, cementitious, porosity minimising, corrosion inhibiting and enable a seamless reduction in the carbonfootprint of both cement and concrete.

At a dose of just 1g of QuantCrete for every ton of concrete (2.4g per cubic meter or 0.07 oz. per cubic yard), a compressive and flexural strength increases of at least 20% can be achieved.

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We ship QuantCrete worldwide.